So It Goes
I'm sentimental in the utmost ridiculous sense. Weird cravings, fleeting thoughts, visual fascinations and audio fixations,

Nearly killed myself this morning because I was so exhausted driving back to school. Driving on the turnpike I found my eyes closing and I’d jolt awake and I couldn’t stop and had no one to call. It was stupid and terrifying. Now when I start to actually nod off I jolt awake in panic. Jesus Christ.

Looking for photography jobs in NYC and came across one with a list of about 9-10 requirments. 

The last requirement was this:

I think that’s pretty rad. Hire me.


It sucks to feel like your closest friends have moved on from you.

Off in the night, you can hear ‘em bright,
The Sirens of the Sea
Oh and city birds and alley girls, they all just sing for free
Oh they all just sing for free

Oh Darlin, pardon me

(Source: Spotify)